2 thoughts on “Colbert on tasers

  1. socdeputy says:

    Yeah… I don’t think that taser usage is going to fly. One of the first lessons I learned on patrol was not to make any threats that could not be backed up by force of law or my own abilities. You don’t tell someone that they are going to jail/getting tasered unless you have reached the point where you have the authority and sufficient reason to do so. Making threats to early not only frequently escalates a situation but when it can’t, in fact, be carried out diminishes the authority of the officer or if carried out puts the officer on the lamb for civil and criminal complaints.

    At various times I have spoken to several sociologist/cops like Pete Moskos and Jonathan Wender, and I think we have all agreed that the problem is not the introduction of the taser as a useful tool but that departments are shirking their responsibility for teaching deputies and officers how to fight with their hands. There are any number of reasons for this from insurance costs for the training, injuries that occur from training, injuries from actual hand-to-hand combat in the field, lack of defensive tactics instructors (a huge problem now), and ultimately lack of experience with fights on the part of the officer.

    Also some cops are just, to use the un-PC term, pussies who won’t go “hands on.”


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