Regular Contributors & Special Series Editors

Monica Eppinger is an Assistant Professor at the Saint Louis University College of Law. She has extensive experience in diplomacy, serving nine years as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service with tours of duty at the U.S. Consulate General in Kaduna, Nigeria; U.S. Embassy, Kiev, Ukraine; and at the State Department in Washington, D.C. where her responsibilities included policy in the former Soviet Union, Caspian basin energy development, and West African security. Her research concentrates on sovereignty and selfhood. Her main areas of expertise include property, national security, and international law.  You can find more of her writing at the Comparative Law Professor Blog Network.

Stephanie Savell is currently a PhD candidate in Department of Anthropology at Brown University.  Her interests include political culture, activism, and citizenship; crime-related violence and governance; and Brazilian security and policing practices, particularly in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Her dissertation is an ethnographic investigation of Rio de Janeiro’s controversial “police pacification” program, intended to take back control of the city’s favelas from armed drug trafficking gangs. Her focus is on how favela residents, police, and armed forces experience public security in their daily lives, and the ways these experiences intersect and collide.  She is also the special guest editor for our forum “Security in Brazil: World Cup 2014 and Beyond

Former Contributors

Vino Avanesi 

Maya Barak   

Nicolas Barnes

Michael Bobick  

Orisanmi Burton

Heath Cabot 

Scott Catey

Randol Contreras

Thomas Cousins 

Stuart Davis

Brad Erickson

Didier Fassin

Taras Ferirko 

Rebecca Hanson 

Nolan Kline  

Brian Lande  

Peter K. Manning

Seyed Mirmajlessi

Sean T. Mitchell

Yağmur Nuhrat

Merijn Oudenampsen 

Ben Penglase

Beatriz Reyes-Foster 

Patricia San Antonio

Daniel Silva

Nick Wong

Alexei Yurchak 


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