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Panels on Policing & Security at the 2009 American Anthropoligical Association Annual Meetings

I’ve compiled a list of panels and individual papers on security and policing-related issues at the upcoming AAA meetings.  You can see them below.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to the panel THE END/S OF POLICING: ETHNOGRAPHIC PERSPECTIVES ON POLICE POWER (Fri., 8:00-9:45 AM in rm 406) organized by the newest anthropolitician, William Garriott of James Madison University, also featuring myself, Michelle Stewart, Thom Chivens, Eva Harmon and Mindie Lazarus-Black of Temple University.  It should be good times.

Other than that, the following look interesting (panels are in bold):

Wed, 12/2

Thurs, 12/3

Friday, 12/4

Saturday, 12/5

Sunday, 12/6

As always, if you’re giving a paper or are on a panel that you think should be included in this list, just let me know in the comments section and I’ll add you…


2 thoughts on “Panels on Policing & Security at the 2009 American Anthropoligical Association Annual Meetings

  1. Luis F.B. Plascencia says:

    A panel that will address our common concerns:

    Program Number: 4-064
    Type: Session
    Session Sponsor: Association for Latina and Latino Anthropologists
    Session Date/Time: Sun., 10:15 AM-12:00 PM
    Location: To view the abstract, for more information and to use My Itinerary log in.
    Organizer(s): GINA PEREZ (Oberlin College ), LUIS PLASCENCIA (Arizona State University—West)
    Chair(s): LUIS PLASCENCIA (Arizona State University—West)
    10:15 AM: SANTIAGO GUERRA (University of Texas at Austin) — Mafiosos y La Migra: Mexican Americans as Drug Traffickers and Drug Enforcers in the South Texas-Mexico Border Region
    10:30 AM: GINA PEREZ (Oberlin College ) — Militarizing Youth: JROTC, Citizenship, and Puerto Rican Youth in Northeast Ohio
    10:45 AM: LUIS PLASCENCIA (Arizona State University—West) — The Military Gates of Citizenship: Latino “Aliens and Noncitizen Nationals” Performing Military Work in the U.S. Homeland
    11:00 AM: JOSE VASQUEZ (CUNY-Graduate Ctr) — Identifying with the “Enemy”: Conceptions of the Self and Other Among Latina/o Soldiers Refusing to Kill Iraqis and Afghans
    11:15 AM: ELANA ZILBERG (Univ. of California San Diego) — Neoliberal Securityscapes: Transnational Masculinities and Violence between the US and El Salvador
    11:30 AM: DISCUSSANT: ALISSE WATERSTON (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
    11:45 AM: DISCUSSION
    12:00 PM: End of Session


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