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Call for chapter proposals – Police and Protesters: Motives and Responses

Call for chapter proposals – Police and Protesters: Motives and Responses

Location: Australia
Publication Date: 2011-02-01
Date Submitted: 2010-11-22
Announcement ID: 180858
Proposals are currently being sought for an international collection of scholarly papers on the motives and responses of police and protesters in occurrences of social action. The proposed collection will contain a collection of personal accounts, analyses of historical and/or current events, and other experiences in order to evaluate the motives, procedures/practices and outcomes in such situations from both the perspectives of protesters and police. In terms of ‘motives’, submissions should primarily consider what motivates people to use different forms of social action as a means to achieve their goals, not necessarily what issues (eg: climate change, war) motivates them to take such action in the first place (however, these other factors may still be addressed in the paper). Original contributions from any discipline are welcome.In the twenty-first century protesters and protest groups are well organised and prepared for confrontations. Yet there is only a relatively small body of academic work on protests from either the perspective of protesters or law enforcement agencies. This collection seeks to extend upon this literature. Our objectives are to document through a series of case studies of different situations what motivates people to undertake different forms of social action, what outcomes they seek to achieve in protests, and how they seek to achieve these outcomes. Examples of topics of interest include:

• Humour and social action;
• Popular (mass) social action;
• Transport blockades;
• Non-violent action;
• Music and social action;
• Destruction of property;
• Media and social action;

Please submit a 1-2 page proposal by 1 February, 2011.

Authors should also attach a brief (one-page maximum) biographical summary. Please direct all inquiries and proposals via email to Dr. Nathan Wise, Dr. Alyce McGovern and Dr. Jenny Wise at

Title: Police and Protesters: Motives and Responses

Editors: Dr. Nathan Wise, Dr. Alyce McGovern, Dr. Jenny Wise


Dr. Nathan Wise
School of Humanities
University of New England
NSW 2351



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