New feature, From the Field: Dossiers & Dispatches

In addition to our new snazzy design, we’re also planning on rolling out some big substantive changes over the next few weeks here at Anthropoliteia.

The first of these is a new feature we are going to call, collectively, “From the Field“. Posts “From the Field” will be grouped loosely into two categories, “Dossiers” and “Dispatches“.  Our hope is that both types of posts will encourage a larger reflection on the anthropology of policing, crime, punishment and security… both on this blog and more broadly.    Dossiers will consist of “digested” versions of recent publications or larger research projects in a more developed state (of which, more in the near future).

Dispatches will consist of short observations from the field, with minimal or no analysis; preludes to, or the very first tentative steps into a field.  The word “dispatch” itself comes from either the Italian dispacciare or Spanish despachar, both of them meaning ‘to expedite’ (the dis-/des- expressing a reversal of the base impacciare/empachar, ‘to hinder’).  A “dispatch,” in other words, is an unhindering.

In that spirit I’m pleased to announce our first of many planned installments of this sort from Charlie Hahn.  Charlie is an anthropologist whose recent work has examined ethics, uncertainty and force in the training of police officers, as well as the confluence of community policing strategy and the atomization of surveillance capabilities. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology and Comparative Literature from the University of Washington, Seattle. This spring and summer he will be sending “dispatches” from travels in the U.S. and Central America.



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