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New Feature: In the Journals

The editors of Anthropoliteia are pleased to announce yet another in a planned series of new features that will be appearing here on the blog over the coming month.  We’re calling this new feature, which will be part of the “Round Ups” suite of regular features, “In the Journals” and it will  digest anthropoliteia-related articles and special issues appearing in academic journals, on a quarterly basis (for now). 

In addition I’m happy to introduce one of our new “Section Editors,” David Thompson.  David is currently a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, having earned a B.A. from the University of Sydney. His work focuses on prisons in Rio de Janeiro as institutions that subvert as much as they reinforce the established social and political order of the city; hosting different legal, political, humanitarian, evangelical, community and narcotic projects that then bleed out into the urban fabric of a city saturated with discourses on crime and justice.  We’re super happy to have him on board.

If you have any suggestions for journals we should be keeping tabs on for this feature, or if you want to call our attention to a specific issue or article, send an email to with the words “In the Journals” in the subject header.


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