DragNet, What's going on in Ukraine?

Recap of Ukraine Coverage

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As Crimea builds up to its “elections” this Sunday, it seems like a good time to recap the coverage on the Ukraine crisis from around the anthro-sphere.  In addition to our own series, What’s Going on In Ukraine?, featuring posts by Michael Bobick and Monica EppingerAllegra has posts from anthropologists from anthropologist Judith Beyer and Elizabeth DeLuca.  Anthropology News also has a piece from anthropologist Jennifer Carroll.

[Update 3/16– Michael Bobick hosts a guest post from a former Naval officer, while Monica Eppinger has added to our own forum with a series of posts: Crimea: On aesthetics, master narratives, and resistanceThe neither/nor of a bloodless war in CrimeaSpirit of the Gift, wartime edition; and Silencing and backtalk: Scenes from the Crimean Occupation ]

Finally, here is a collection of our own related tweets and links


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