#Ferguson & Elsewhere

Die-in Protest at the 2014 American Anthropological Association Meetings

Here at Anthropoliteia we have plans to continue the conversation we’ve already been engaged in, for example through our series #Ferguson & Elsewhere, around police, violence, justice and anthropology.  For now we would just like to share with you some images from today’s protest at the American Anthropological Association Meetings in Washington DC, courtesy of visual anthropologist Richard Freeman (whose work you can also find at visualquotations.com).  We welcome reactions, ideas and comments, either here, via our Open Forum or by contacting us directly at anthropoliteia@gmail.com.

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12 thoughts on “Die-in Protest at the 2014 American Anthropological Association Meetings

  1. Part of what I love about Richard’s images is that, while I think they really capture the passion and gravity of the event, they’re actually very subtly complicated compositions. There are many lessons and insights in these, I thinks.


    • Good question, A. I think we always need to be looking for ideas, and I’m always listening.

      One immediate way, I suppose is through my teaching to a diverse group of CJ and Anthro undergrads–which my caffeine habit tells me is s ruthlessly embodied practice


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