Tip of the Cap

Prisoners of Culture

This piece is a little different from previous iterations of “Tip of The Cap.”  Earlier entries into this series were written by published scholars, and they were written with an eye to filling in the blanks about how some classic works of criminology, sociology, anthropology, etc. shaped that work.  Here at Anthropoliteia we’re rebooting the series, but with a bit of a broader scope: we’re widening the net to include multiple formats and forms of inspiration.  The new “Tip of the Cap” will include pieces of various genres that have been influenced by, or are working through, the broader bibliography that’s now accruing for work on anthropology, security, crime and policing.  This short absurdist fiction piece, “Prisoners of Culture” comes to us from Johns Hopkins University undergraduate Andy Ramirez.  If you have a short piece that you think would fit well in the new rebooted series, send us an email at anthropoliteia@gmail.com with “Tip of the Cap” in the subject header.

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